Friday, January 1, 2010

The Rules (according to Three6TFive)

a picture a day, for one year. in the end, 365 photos.

but day 1 is Jan. 1, 2010.

here are some rules for the photos -- I love rules, so I'm sure there'll be more:

1. although I will take (at least) one picture a day, I may not be able to post the picture that same day -- posting pictures from consecutive days is fine (it just has to be)
2. pictures can be taken with any camera, including my IPhone or any other phone
3. pictures can have the same theme, but not the same subject (i.e. animals okay, 3 pictures in a row of the cat? not okay)
4. what's worth posting is my call :)
5. editing and cropping are allowed
6. picture can be taken using the timer setting
7. although I have to take a picture each day, I can add pictures from other days of the same topic (i.e. if I take a picture of friends snowshoeing on Monday, I can post other snowshoeing pictures from other days below know, for context)

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